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The quest for more traffic, first stop Technorati

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Will this make a blind bit of difference I wonder? Well lets see give me a click and add me into your favourites.

Nokia delays the 5800 release until Q1 2009 for the UK market

Well who would have thought it Nokia has delayed the release of the 5800 Xpressmusic phone. Its set to take a bit of the fight to the iPhone, but at the bottom end of the market segment not the high end that the iPhone currently has all sown up.

But if you were hoping to get it before Christmas in the UK then you are out of luck, get something else I think Nokia will be hoping its one of the premium models like the N96 that just really don’t cut it. I can’t say that I’m not frustrated about the delay because I am. I mean they have already released it in Spain and Russia, lets hope they do some good work beta testing it for us to iron out the bugs before it comes to the UK, its the only solace I can take from it at the moment.

So if you don’t want an iPhone, don’t like Windows Mobile and think the G1 is satans child but do want a touch screen phone then you are going to have to wait until 2009 to get your hands on a Nokia 5800, bar humbug.

Nokias Junior iPhone rival slated for 2009 release


Alamy takes an extra slice of commission

No sooner than I join they want to take extra money from the money I haven’t yet earned. Ok so its taking more from what I hope to earn but still an extra 5% of my future potential earnings. Alamy are however dropping charges for cheques or paying in other currency but I’m sure they will gain and the photographer pro or otherwise will be loosing out.

More info here on the changes. Is there a better way to try and make money from a photography hobbie I wonder?

Alamy ups commission

Alamy views but no sales

So its been a few weeks since I was accepted in Alamy but as yet I’ve not sold anything. I can’t say that I’m surprised its not easy to get someone to buy your shots and with a catalogue of over 14million images there is a lot of choice for most subjects.

But I have got some views and what seems to be as important as the image itself is how you tag the images. Put something simple in and a few phrases and you aren’t going to get anywhere. Up to now I’ve only put 50 images up but I’ve already got 26 views but unfortunately no zooms. This is when someone zooms your image after searching to look at it in closer detail.

If I’m going to make any money at all from it I’m going to have to put far more images up and ensure that the quality of the images are excellent. You get ranked in part by how often your images get searched and then zoomed. There is a little more to it than just that but like google if you want your images to appear at the top of the search you need to put some effort in.

So its time to get some more images and expand the as yet small portfolio of images and up the quality and be more distinct with what I upload. Going out and taking more shots sounds great to me and is a part of the reason I joined in the first place to make me thing more about what I’m taking.

So if you join Alamy, quality of image and the tags is very important and if the subject hasn’t been taken before then maybe its your image they will buy if they need it.

Could the new Nokia 5800 be my next phone?

I’ve mentioned already that I want, no need a new phone but still haven’t decided which one to get. The iPhone is great but well everyone has one and I want to be different. The HTC Touch HD is a cracking phone but as I’m on the T-mobile network and have a discount I’d like to stay with them so that would mean getting it sim free.

But in the current climate spending £544 at Expansys is a little steep a new contract is an outside option but I really can’t be bothered with the hassle of leaving T-mobile to come back.

So onto the all new Nokia 5800 (not Tube remember), its got pretty much everything that I’m looking for. A decent touch screen, at 640×360 its got that, WiFi, HSDPA and I don’t want it too big. I don’t have huge pockets so I don’t want something that’s as wide as a laptop either and I do want it to feel nice in my hand and be able to hold it easily.

Oh and last but by no means least, good battery life. Why is it that people are happy to have a phone that only lasts a day…. well I’m sorry but thats just not good enough. The 5800 looks like its got a great battery life and some good apps in a great package that will hopefully be pretty cheap. So when is it out in the UK, no idea, December is still a possibility but its looking likely that its not until next year. If you are in Spain you have a week to wait, I hope you enjoy it. I will report back when I get mine and do a full review.

If you fancy reading a bit more he a look over at’s 5800 review

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