Alamy have accepted me.

So to get into Alamy you first have to submit 4 pictures of different types for them to review for quality, errors issues with Chromatic aberrations and more besides. Its taken almost a week for them to get round to reviewing them and accepting me so its not a quick process but not that slow really.

Will I be able to sit back and earn my millions, in a word no. I’ve been doing a bit of research recently and it seems that the hit rate of actually selling an image is extremely low even for the Pro’s. As I’m just a rank amature I doubt I will be doing anything just yet. But if it gets me out taking more shots and I get lucky then its all good.

I will write more on how you need to modify your images before you upload them and do a guide relating to Lightroom that I’m using to manage my workflow at the moment. I might even post a few shots, which reminds me I think I need to add a gallery for the site.

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