Just got a Canon 60mm Macro

First Macro Shots

First Macro Shots

So into the land of Macro photography I go and what a cracking little lens the 60mm is. Its certainly not big and heavy like just about every other lens I’ve got other than the 50mm plastic fantastic I grant you but I was pleasantly surprised none the less.

In use its quick to focus but it does hunt about a fair bit if you are  just that little bit to close, zooming all the way out and back in again before stopping. But for macro photography  its better to go manual anyway. I’ve not got any fancy flashes or anything else yet but you don’t need anything.  All of the pictures in this post have light assisted by…… an LED touch, yes its really that sophisticated but it works and with a bit, ok a lot  more practice could get great results.

The 60mm is also very sharp, I’ve none a few shots and found things when post processing that I just couldn’t see by the naked eye.

I decided not to go for the 100mm EF lens and went for the 60mm ef-s for several reasons, weight being a big factor. I can only carry so much and really don’t think I’m going to want to take to many shots of bugs and they are are each as sharp as each other. Plus its cheaper and we are in a credit crunch after all.

Torch assisted Macro shot

Macro lens plus torch

I will post some more shots soon, but above is a classic little flower shot with a little back LED torch driven back lighting.


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