What new mobile phone to get?

We all have this dilemma every 12 to 18 months when our contract is up and you fancy something new. My trusty Sony Ericsson has had its time and I fancy getting one of the new crop of full screen phones. But which one?

The ever popular iPhone is in the running but I just don’t think I can cope with the often sub 24hr battery life that most people seem to suffer from, yes it looks great and everything and it has loads of apps but its just not doing it for me. The new Blackberry Storm looks interesting but it lacks a few key features that I’m looking for.

So that leaves me with either the new HTC Touch HD or the Tube opps sorry Nokia 5800. Now one is very expensive even as an upgrade thats if your network has it and T-Mobile doesn’t (No the G1 isn’t an option) and the other should be cheaper but it might not be out until next year.

Choices choices I will report back when things get closer.

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