Nokia 5800 finally gets official UK released date in 2009

nokia5800xpressmusic_8So they announced the 5800 with a big fanfare and great it looked to. But then the news slowly started to filter through that it wasn’t going to be out in the forth quarter after all, at least not in the UK.

But after a bit of hunting and a chat with someone in Nokia the 5800 is going to be released in the UK on the….. wait for it, 26th of January 2009. I hope everyone in Russia and Spain are enjoying it and why the UK has to endure such a delay I will never know.

It begs the question why can’t Nokia announce a handset and get it on sale within a couple of weeks like apple manage with the iPhone? We can but hope.

Oh and as we are mentioning release dates the N97 isn’t going to be out until May at the earliest and most likely June, that’s unless it slips or they release it into other markets first.

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