Oh the joys of a new gadget, this time the PS3 – Review

Yes I know its been out for ages, but I’ve only just got approval from the finance director (read wife) but arrived it has.

Games Console

I’ve only got a few games so far but oh my is it a cracking console. For those that have waited to get one now is the time to go for it. Its whisper quiet and very fast, playing something like Burnout Paradise is a dream, jump on a bike and the sound and graphics are an absolute joy.

Little Big Planet 10/10

What a cracking game. I got this in the bundle and didn’t thing I’d like it, the pictures just don’t do it justice. If you need something to sell getting the PS3 to your other half do it with this. They won’t think its much but get it through the door and they will love it. My better half loves it to bits, its interesting enough and not ‘too’ hard to make it frustrating and the controls are easy peasy. But you just have to love it as its so cute(I’m a bloke and yes I did say that), design your own character from things you pick up from the game or download from the store it just works.

The look and feel of the game as your playing is a joy, it never gets mboring, its a cross between Lemmings and manic minor (yes that was a spectrum game) but then good basic games sometimes do just work. Its this simplicity and purity than make it so special, I think its possibly the must have game on the PS3 at the moment, yes it really is that good.

Burnout Paradise 8.5/10

Well I had heard this was good but its not, its great. The graphics are good and but its the sound and the game play that makes it work. Each car is different and fun but then, you try the quick bike. What a hoot, you can throw it round and take it through tunnels and hear the change it the exhaust note the sounds is spot on, very realistic.

You aren’t going to learn the roads in two minutes its vast, not quite Test Drive vast on the PC but its not that far off. No you don’t kill people and do all the rest like Gran Theft Auto 4 on the PS3 but its still a great driving game, from what I’ve read possibly the best on the PS3. A must have if you like driving games.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 7/10

Well this was the big daddy of the PS3 but I won’t hold my punches its a mini game nothing more nothing less. It was the biggest draw to the PS3 and it is a great game but its just over to quickly. Why they don’t have physical damage yet is just plain daft, but then they say its due but thats not going to come until the full game or thats the latest potential.

The graphics are fantastic and a joy to drive through, I think it will get even better in the full game though its just missing that last tenth. The handling model has improved and is a little more tricky as a result, you feel the weight shift more than in the last game especially at high speed. Throw the GTR into a corner at high speed and get it wrong and you can feel the car losing it rather than gripping that just won’t happen in reality. It does mean its a little harder to finish it, I’m still to complete the top two races that seem to have got harder on the latest update. Its good, but with so few challenges and so few cars to play it just doesn’t justify its price tag compared to something as vast as Burnout.

Blu-Ray Player

But its no one trick pony of course, let it suck in a Blu-Ray disk and sit back to amazing depth and quality. Watching SkyHD in the UK is good but this is on a different level. The sounds is great as well on the right disk.

Media Player

More? well how does a media centre sound, yes lock it onto your own media server for me a Windows homeserver and it will immediately show all the tracks in your collection, all the images you have stored and all the movies and video you might have put in the server. It could do with a few tweaks to make it easier to search for the right track or album when you have a large collection, but when you find the right track it does a great job at playing it to the highest quality.


I’m sending the glorious sound via HDMI to my Onkyo 875 that just laps it up. Everything plays at the highest quality and without problem

Yes it justifies its own title. If you want to get the best from the PS3 you need an internet connection and a fast one at that. But Burnout today and it downloads three updates, how much, well

The Downloads

Yes it does justify its own title. To get the best from the PS3 you need a fast internet connection plain and simple. Take Burnout for instance, it had three updates the first time you put it in, first one 153Mb, second 73Mb and then another 10 at the end. If you have a slow connection thats going to take a while, so always put the new games in well before you might want to play them especially if they have been out for a while. Its not terrible but something that does become apparent. If you have been added into the PS3 Home Beta (A new on-line erm, experience) you will know what I mean, 73Mb to get started, then another updated before it lets you in then 4 other updates to before you can look round everywhere. It does mean a bug can be fixed but it does have its drawbacks.


If you are even remotely considering getting a PS3 go for it. If you have an HD ready TV and want to get the best quality of picture playback then get a PS3, I mean why just get a dedicated player that review after review in top HiFi magazines only put on a par to the PS3, it just doesn’t make sense. The fact that you get a cracking console that has some cracking games and a great media player all in one lovely box for less than £300 is a complete bargain. Its reached the right price point to make it work especially with the current deals, its a must buy for me.


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