Alamy goes from bad to worse.

artSo recently I posted about Alamy go slow and first rejection but things are now getting even worse. I removed the accidental pictures I included from my compact and only uploaded the pictures from my 40D a fairly good pro-sumer Canon SLR.

But yesterday I had the same set rejected this time apparently because an image was soft or had camera shake, now this was a picture that was take in broad daylight on the back of a boat that wasn’t even at sea off the cost of Cannes, with an 17-85 with IS turned on at ISO 100, it was crystal clear.

So I take it as a blip but this time I resubmit them in batches of 10. Now before anyone reading this says my photos are rubbish stop complaining I’ve already had 70 shots accepted and these were due to take it to 100+. But the issues are getting worse, this time I have had problems uploading the images, in fact ever batch had problems, failed communication, lost connection and even image deleted appearing. Now I’m on a ADSL2+ connection with 1.2meg upload and 16 down so my connection isn’t the bottle neck.

So I left it as it was with only a few images of each batch going up and today guess what more rejected images, two of the batches don’t even have a reason as to why they have been rejected. I have to say I’m not impressed, if I was a pro or semi pro and this happened I would be livid.

I’ve had a look at the Alamy forums and people are having the same problems, images rejected and the upload problems. Are they trying to force the non pro’s out now they have 14Millon+ images I wonder.

I’m going to give it another go at the weekend and I will report back, yours an unhappy user of Alamy.

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  1. Rob Walls says:

    I think you’ll find that in almost every instance Alamy QC has valid reasons for rejection. I’m not saying that they never get it wrong, but most often, those who complain, tend to change their minds when they look more closely at their submissions.

    You’ll find that the professional photographers on the Alamy forums are usually the ones most satisfied with QC. I’ve been a pro for 45 years, have had a few QC knockbacks from Alamy, but they were always right. I have over 6000 pictures on Alamy. Have had four submissions of around 100 pictures pass QC this week.

    Alamy have not the slightest interest in forcing out non-professionals. I’m sure the commission they earn from a good amateur is as welcome as that from a professional.

  2. Gumpy says:

    Hi thanks for the comments Rob.

    I’ve actually had 10 approved that were in one of the batches, so I’ve not had a total stop of my images, few.

    I’m going to try and upload some of them again. Not those that have been rejected but those that don’t have a reason as to why. I think they got reject because they had so many issues getting uploaded, we will see. I have checked most of the others and you’re right that one or two have been recovered a little too much but the others are fine. I’ve zoomed 3:1 in lightroom and they are as solid as my camera and an average 17-85 can get.

    I will have to save up for more L primes. 🙂

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