DELL XPS1330 – Nvida graphics card dies

Well as I already mentioned in my previous post Windows 7 RC inital views I was having a few problems with Windows 7 graphics issues. Well its not Windows 7 at all its a failure of the good old Nvidia 8400GS graphics card.

Just after I got the laptop I read many articles relating to Nvidia saying it had had issues with many of these chips especially under high heat. Well will only days to go before then end of the warranty period its gone. The screen won’t show a thing except for lines running vertically down the screen and the colour goes from black to white and back again with lots of other interesting lines of various colours.

Not great I know but at least it can be sorted. I have to say that so far I’m very impressed with Dells XPS support line and the quick tests, as the laptop has next business day support they are indeed coming to fix it in just over a days time (I called after 5pm so its not quite next day). Fingers crossed it all gets fixed and its back up and running for more updates on Windows 7, minus any problems.

On the warranty front , for those that are interested its £80 for 1 extra year NBD support and only £92 for 2 years. Whilst I don’t want to pay I don’t want to spend another £500 in a few months if I get another dodgy Nvidia card so I think I will be extending.

I will report back when its all fixed.

2 Responses to DELL XPS1330 – Nvida graphics card dies

  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    EU law gives you 2 years to seek repair/replacement/refund on faulty goods. UK law gives you 6 years. So why pay for a manufacturer’s extended warranty?

    • Gumpy says:

      Because if it does go wrong in year 3 its game over laptop or a very big bill. Plus they may repair it but they most certainly won’t do it next day it will be return to base. I’d rather pay for the service of next day and know I’m covered now for the full 3 years.

      But you are right in other circumstances I wouldn’t be paying extra to get a warranty, but a laptop for me is a little different.

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