Excellent Dell XPS Warranty Service

sv_xps_fam_article_002Well as already reported a few days ago DELL XPS1330 – Nvida graphics card dies its now been fixed and the service was mighty impressive.

I called and reported the problem on Tuesday evening after a very helpful call to confirm diagnosis of the problem, they even organised the appointment at work so no need to take a day off. Dell called on Thursday morning as agreed to tell me the time of the appointment and an engineer arrived and fixed the laptop in the afternoon within 20 minutes.

When I got home I found that I had got no sound but had no time to try and fix it. But Dell called to check everything was OK today (Friday) and I mentioned the sound issue, ‘No problem I will call you at home later on and help fix the problem’, great service. They connected onto my in theory unsupported Windows 7 build no problem and fixed the issue that was a driver problem, which was strange as it worked before the re-build.

Anyway, either way the service was excellent at every step, if this is what you get from a Dell XPS machine I will be buying more. As the warranty was due to expire in a couple of weeks I’ve renewed it for another few years for £100, worth every penny.

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