Windows 7 RC inital views on Dell XPS 1330

We have all read and seen first hand what Vista is like, bloated slow to load and uses plenty of memory before you have even used an application, so what is Windows 7 like?

What can I say, its quicker and lighter on its feet than Vista ever is. On my Dell XPS 1330 Vista used 1.4Gb of memory (3Gb Memory installed) before it did anything, yes some of this is due to the OS pre-fetching programs before you need them but even so that is a lot of memory. Windows 7 uses almost half of that, sitting here writing this in Firefox its only using 842Mb of memory and have I mentioned that everything is much quicker? I’ve gone for 32bit not 64bit OS for now, no it won’t address lots of memory but I don’t have any more memory and don’t intend to and I think I will wait for a few more 64bit apps to come along that I can take advantage of yet, and see which one is going to be fastest overall.


Installation took only 20minutes and it decided to do a fresh install as I’d only recently reinstalled Vista due to issues. The interface is an evolution to Vista not a revolution but everything is just that little bit better and slicker. Its not nagging me all the time either which makes for a much better experience than Vista. The windows update also found all the missing device drivers first time, that was impressive although more of that later.

The widgets that previously were bolted into where ever the sidebar are now allowed to be positioned anywhere on the desktop, if you fancy a few on the left and the rest on the right then thats no problem. I even connected my Nokia 5800 mobile phone and if recognised it and installed the drivers within seconds, it really is a great insight into what the final version is going to be like and its all very polished.


Is it all perfect so far? Well I ‘think’ so except for some graphics problems. I’ve now installed the default Vista Dell drivers instead of the drivers direct from Nvidia. This was because its crashed a couple of time and I’ve even had graphics issues but I have a feeling that the 8400GS Laptop Graphics card might be going, the machine is coming up for a year old so I’m watching it closely. This is a known problem and I’m only days away from the warranty being finished, fingers crossed it was a blip hey.

More to follow as I get it to do more.

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