Will the New Withings Smart Scales help me lose weight

So I like gadgets who doesn’t. But can they help me to lose weight?

New Withings Scale

New Withings Scale

Well I’m going to put it to the test and here is the plan.


Well firstly I’ve already got a Fitbit and it really helps me to get out and walk. Every lunch at work and at the weekend I go and walk around mostly running after the kids but its nice to log the steps, the stairs I’ve climbed and how any calories I’ve burnt. It only seems to need charging every few weeks so thats also a bonus I can’t stand being a nanny to gadgets that need to live in the background.

The Fitbit can also link into the Withings site and vice versa, Runkeeper and TACTIO on the iPhone also help to bring everything together in one place. You can then see how well you are going and they can even be set up to pester you to get off your arse and do something and we all need that sometimes.


All New Withings Smart Scales

So the scales are going to help me track my weight loss and as or more importantly my fat loss, no laughing at the back please. Also as an added benefit the new scales have a feature that track your resting heart rate and test what the CO2 levels are in the room the are kept. The resting heartbeat will be a good way to see if any walking and running is having a benefit but I’m not too sure about the CO2 levels but we shall see.


So when it arrives I will post a reviews along the way on the scales and my progress and let you know what software and gadgets are working to help me and which aren’t. Oh and I might even tell you what my weights and how much its hopefully falling so maybe we can help each other.

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