Withings Smart Scale real world review

So its been a couple of months since I got the new latest Withings Smart Scales and they are great but are they worth the not inconsiderable sum of £130? Mmmm

Arrival and Setup

It all arrived in a lovely well protected box and was fairly easy to setup but you do need to use the app on the iPhone or Android. It worked very well on the iPhone but I have read in a few places it isn’t quite so easy on the Android equivalent so watch out for that.



Using the iPhone app made things easy but it is something that some people purchasing might not be aware of and it wasn’t something that I’d picked up on either.

Whats it like to use

Quick and easy is the answer. You step on top and as long as you are fairly central it shows your weight and for seconds later displays the three characters of who it thinks it is and its got it right every time. It then does the body fat reading followed by the pulse rate. The pulse rate is the most hit and miss part of the process I’d say 3 out of 10 times it fails to get the pulse rate. The C02 reading is a bit pointless if I’m honest, it does look accurate in that during the warmer days when the windows are open more you can see the drop so I can see the change I’m not sure of the benefit.

The First Few months

Well I got stuck straight in and decided to see if this could help me with some weight loss and the quick answer is it can, but only with a dollop of willpower and some extra exercise. But it was a great way to see that the effort that I’d made to do more exercise result in weight loss. So far I’ve lost a not inconsiderable stone of weight and I’m still stepping on it each day to see if I’ve made any further progress.

Review Rating – 8/10

Its a good gadget and I’d buy it again if I had the decision to make a second time. You need to use it with other gadgets and I’ve linked it all to my Fitbit and the two work really well together with the Fitbit app showing the updated weight form the scales quickly and easily. Its a far better solution than scales with just a display and if you can afford it I’d go for it personally.

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