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Sold my first image on Alamy

OK so its a tough market to sell images these days and some how someone has chosen my image. Where it is or was being going to be used I have no idea, but apparently its in a UK newspaper of up to 2million copies a day, so I guess it a major title. I’d like to know where but I wonder if I can find out?

Anyway I’m pretty chuffed I have to say and hopefully this will be the first of many but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

Alamy goes from bad to worse.

artSo recently I posted about Alamy go slow and first rejection but things are now getting even worse. I removed the accidental pictures I included from my compact and only uploaded the pictures from my 40D a fairly good pro-sumer Canon SLR.

But yesterday I had the same set rejected this time apparently because an image was soft or had camera shake, now this was a picture that was take in broad daylight on the back of a boat that wasn’t even at sea off the cost of Cannes, with an 17-85 with IS turned on at ISO 100, it was crystal clear.

So I take it as a blip but this time I resubmit them in batches of 10. Now before anyone reading this says my photos are rubbish stop complaining I’ve already had 70 shots accepted and these were due to take it to 100+. But the issues are getting worse, this time I have had problems uploading the images, in fact ever batch had problems, failed communication, lost connection and even image deleted appearing. Now I’m on a ADSL2+ connection with 1.2meg upload and 16 down so my connection isn’t the bottle neck.

So I left it as it was with only a few images of each batch going up and today guess what more rejected images, two of the batches don’t even have a reason as to why they have been rejected. I have to say I’m not impressed, if I was a pro or semi pro and this happened I would be livid.

I’ve had a look at the Alamy forums and people are having the same problems, images rejected and the upload problems. Are they trying to force the non pro’s out now they have 14Millon+ images I wonder.

I’m going to give it another go at the weekend and I will report back, yours an unhappy user of Alamy.

Alamy go slow and first rejection

artHow long is it talking to process images on alamy at the moment? Answer very long, over Christmas is understandable but its still very slow. It says you should expect 37hrs for the processing of images but its more like 48hrs and even then you have to wait for the QC. Come on Alamy you are taking a bigger slice of the photographers royalty the least you can do is speed things up a bit.

And its also bad news on those images that did manage to get to the QC stage. Yes my first rejection, but I can understand why. Without realising it I uploaded 4 images taken from my Fuji F30, a great camera but not good enough to cope with the requirements of Alamy unfortunately.

Fingers crossed the rest will be ok, but when I hear they have been accepted is anyones guess. Yours waiting. unspool reminiscences lace

My First Zoom on Alamy

So its been a few months but I have my first zoom. Ok so that’s not great but its better than nothing. So far I’ve had 70 views and have now got 70 photos up there. Some aren’t the best I will admit but you never know so are pretty good.

I’ve realised that if you zoom it yourself or anyone else that isn’t registered for that matter it won’t help your stats. To get a zoom in the stats the person has to be registered. For those that don’t know what a zoom its its when someone finds your photo and then clicks on it to get a closer look. With so many images now getting on Alamy there is plenty of choice so to get anyone looking at your images they need to be unique or pretty darn special. Today I feel special…

But how it affects my ranking to get my images on the first page, answers on a postcard its a closely guarded secret.

Alamy takes an extra slice of commission

No sooner than I join they want to take extra money from the money I haven’t yet earned. Ok so its taking more from what I hope to earn but still an extra 5% of my future potential earnings. Alamy are however dropping charges for cheques or paying in other currency but I’m sure they will gain and the photographer pro or otherwise will be loosing out.

More info here on the changes. Is there a better way to try and make money from a photography hobbie I wonder?

Alamy ups commission

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