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T-Mobile Nokia 5800 gets v20 firmware update

nokia5800xpressmusic_8OK so I’veĀ  haven’t written a full review of the 5800 yet but that will be coming soon. However I have as of yesterday been able to update to the latest firmware v20.0.0.12 using the Nokia PC Suite, it didn’t want to play via FOTA.

Its a good improvement, there are new features about and its certainly quicker than it was before. And with it I’ve been able to get loads of new applications and games that wouldn’t work before.


  • “Faster touch-screen input” (the phone is generally more responsive)
  • “Faster internet data download times”
  • Geotagging information now available in Camera (finally), plus photo taking now possible with the front (secondary) camera.
  • Dictionary application added, with support for multiple languages (as first seen on E66 and E71).
  • “Improved e-mail experience” (this includes improved scheduled email retreival)
  • App. update application added (as first seen on N85 and N79) – this is used to update individual Nokia applications outside of firmware updates.
  • General operation seems smoother, better performance is various applications, including Gallery, plus screen rotations are faster.
  • Playing back Flash/FLVvideos had less hiccups, especially on YouTube, where Web on the 5800 now becomes almost as good as a dedicated YouTube client, there’s an article on this coming from Steve shortly…
  • ‘Search’ on the standby screen now searches phone content as well as on the Internet
  • Cosmetic effects added, especially in Gallery when switching orientation
  • Support for OMA DRM, enabling BBC iPlayer programme downloads and other future applications
  • The usual litany of small bug fixes.

View on the Nokia 5800 and getting applications

If you want a good place to get some S60v5 software for the phone give Daily Mobile a click. There are also loads of good new themes for the phone as well.

As for the phone itself I’m really impressed so far, battery life is brilliant even with bluetooth left on all the time. Surfing on the phone is very fast and the screen excellent. The software is starting to come and with it being the same as the N97that’s only set to accelerate, the future of the phone and the format is looking very positive indeed.

Nokia 5800 finally gets official UK released date in 2009

nokia5800xpressmusic_8So they announced the 5800 with a big fanfare and great it looked to. But then the news slowly started to filter through that it wasn’t going to be out in the forth quarter after all, at least not in the UK.

But after a bit of hunting and a chat with someone in Nokia the 5800 is going to be released in the UK on the….. wait for it, 26th of January 2009. I hope everyone in Russia and Spain are enjoying it and why the UK has to endure such a delay I will never know.

It begs the question why can’t Nokia announce a handset and get it on sale within a couple of weeks like apple manage with the iPhone? We can but hope.

Oh and as we are mentioning release dates the N97 isn’t going to be out until May at the earliest and most likely June, that’s unless it slips or they release it into other markets first.

Bye Bye Nokia 5800, hello Nokia N97 iPhone killer

Well look what Nokia have just announced. The all new top of the range Nokia N97 complete with 3.5″ 640×360 screen, 5Mpix carl Zeiss camera and qwerty keyboard in a package just about the same size as an iPhone. But how does this sound as a quote from the press release, “From the desktop to the laptop and now to your pocket, the Nokia N97 is the most powerful, multi-sensory mobile computer in existence,” said Jonas Geust, Vice President, heading Nokia Nseries, it can’t arrive quick enough.

Sizing compared to iPhone.

Phone: 115 mm x 61 mm x 11 mm
iPhone 3G: 115.5 mm x 62.1 mm x 12.3 mm
Nokia N97: 117.2 mm x 55.3 mm x 15.9 mm

Not enough.., then how does 37hrs of music playback or 4.5 hrs of movie playback, so its got great battery life. The screen is 16×9 and pretty good resolution and with a cracking form factor, 32Gb of installed memory, this could be the phone to have in the first half of 09 when it should be released. I think I’m going to get one.

Update: Found a link to the full spec sheet – Enjoy – N97 Full spec sheet.

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